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RTI - how long?
Old 12-13-2017, 06:07 PM
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I work in a K-5 school that uses an almost-RTI model. All students in core gen ed reading, Tier 2 interventions in small groups during additional time, Tier 3 1:1 interventions and SPED students served in resource/SPED for Tier 2 and 3.
We are a Title-wide school so our reading interventionists can work with any students as long as we can support it with data, and we don't have an official "entry" and "exit" protocol in place currently - the groups are based upon need and resources available.
Our school is slowly moving towards what RTI is intended to be.

I'm curious about the amount of time/resources/intervention a student receives in your school prior to being referred for SPED testing. I work with Tier 2 and Tier 3 students. I feel my students' best chance is working with me and I hang on to them as long as I can - it is really rare for me to pass a student along for more significant support than I am willing and able to provide. Some of the other reading teachers I work with seem, to me, to be impatient or quick to want to move students out to more significant interventions. They want results NOW and when weeks go by without a significant skill improvement they immediately jump to wanting to refer for SPED testing. I think part of it is a difference in our work experience (they are younger and haven't been teaching as long).

So, say your school year starts and you have a newly enrolled 2nd or 3rd grader. They came from another school so you have limited information about the type of instruction they received before they came to you. They are reading below grade level (still working on decoding cVc words, very few sight words). Assessments identify the need for intervention, so the student becomes part of a small group with a reading interventionist. How long or how much time would be spent on interventions before a SPED referral is made?

In the past, our admin has been very hesitant to agree to SPED testing, so we have 4th and 5th graders who have basically lived in intervention groups since K or 1st and who are still significantly below grade level. Some things have changed and now we are testing a bunch of kids who should have been tested years ago (IMO). But the willingness to test has now led to my colleagues wanting to jump really quickly to testing.

Sorry so long. Thanks for any input!

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