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First, I try to stay away from reactionary management. PBIS and programs like it are based on punishment or reacting after the fact. The basic mind-set is "What should happen to ______ for doing _____ ?" It's a typical program like ones I grew up with when I was in school: a hierarchy of negative consequences from small to large in hope the student will be scared into righteousness.

I spend my time and energy trying to prevent problems from happening. I take the mind-set, "What can I do or not do that will prevent ______ (behavior) from occurring so I won't have to write-up students, call parents or use other forms of negative sanctions?" More specifically, in 28 years of teaching I can count on one hand the number of discipline problems that were not a direct result of something I did or did not do. Although students generally started a problem, it was my reaction (or lack of) that got the kid sent to the office.

I went to classroom management training where we got on our feet and practiced what to do in different discipline scenarios. Before this, I had zero training coming out of my Ed' courses from college. After initial training we (a group of teachers and principal) practiced one day a week after school for a year. It was at these "continuation" meetings where we fine-tuned our skills. Each teacher would bring a "discipline problem" to the meeting. We would role-play and walk through the problem with coaching and feedback. Discipline problems fell by average of 80%. Yes, a parent might be called and the principal might get involved. However, instead of being daily events these became rare, if ever, events. In short, one might have to visit negative sanctions, but one doesn't want to live there.
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