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My own adult kids
Old 09-29-2021, 06:35 AM
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Hello PT,

I have two boys, one 28 and the other 27. They use to be the best of friends growing up now not so much.

The 27 year old for the past 8 years has gone off the deep end after my divorce. It may be because he is showing signs of bipolar or that he is just a rebellious child and not grateful. My older son resents him because he feels he chooses to be that way and says that his brother has been making bad choices since the age of 13. So my 28 year hasn't talked to his brother in many years....I'd say about 7 years now.
He is tired of his excuses and nonsense.

As a mother I am very torn. However, it was my wedding celebration several weeks ago and I had asked my oldest if he wished to say any words, he said he was good and didn't feel the need to say anything about me.

Years ago after my divorce, this one child of mine had said, if Dad were to ever get married, I would never know what to say in my speech because there is nothing good to say. Well, after he said this to me, I felt that he must feel the same about me.

Should I confront him with this? His dad and I are total opposites and yes, we should've never gotten married, but we did and I love my kids dearly.

What shoudl I do?

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