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Help! Management of older students
Old 09-23-2014, 05:58 PM
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Hi everyone,
I have taken over a position as a P.E teacher for awhile. The young elementary students are manageable but the older students (4th, 5th) have major attitudes. Here are some issues I noticed and I would love any suggestions you have for managing these issues.

1. Students bicker during the game about what their role is--for example, playing flag football they begun to argue about who should be where, etc, etc even though they know. Many students don't participate and walk around the field instead of being actively engaged.

2. The former teacher took roll call and when she does they are talkative and say other things besides HERE. What can I do to make this a non management issue? And yes, I have to take roll because I don't know the 200 plus names I am working with.

3. Lining up--older kids WONT stop talking. How do you get them to be quiet in line while waiting for their teacher?

4. Attitudes--what can I do to get through the eye rolling and drama these older students bring to playing sports?

5. Incentives--should I offer any? To get through my time with the older kids I was thinking of coming up with some kind of system...where the best 4th/5th grade class gets a free choice game day with me at the end of my time with them. Do you think this would be a wise idea? How to introduce and keep track so they can monitor it too? Do you think the former teacher would be angry if I tried something like this? He doesn't seem to want to keep in touch while out--so I do not want to even bother asking him.

TIA for any tips and responses to the above. I really appreciate it!!!

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