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We have the traditional steps and lanes salary schedule, but there were many years where we were frozen. The district also pulls some trickery where they won't also give you an experience step the year you get your MA. So although I am in year 9, I am paid on step 5 . Last year I did 21 super easy credits through Learner's Edge so I could move up to MA+20.

We are still waiting to hear if there will be a step raise this year. We have gotten them for the past couple of years. There have been strikes in nearby districts, so I am hoping district is not stupid enough to propose that, and if they do, teachers are not stupid enough to vote on the contract. I will certainly vote no for anything that does not include a step raise.

Several other area districts have gone to pay for performance. I used to work in a pay for performance district and the other day something possessed me to be super nosy and look up what people I worked with are still making there (all public record). It was absurdly low- at least $10,000 less than me for people who have been teaching for twice as long as I have.

Our big city district went on strike this year and got their pay for performance structure changed to steps/lanes, and they will get HUGE raises. They actually advocated for fewer steps so that one can reach the top sooner, vs. having it spread out over more years. I considered looking in the district just for the pay, but it seems like it's a hot mess there, and I'm fortunate enough to be in a financial situation where I don't have to go somewhere else just for money.
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