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oops sorry!
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Sorry for mis-reading your question! I knew you must have meant something else! Five days out of school and my brain is already mush!
I agree with using Determining Importance in Fiction, but don't forget to touch upon it in non-fiction (I teach first grade, but I've heard from upper grade teachers that students don't seem to be able to determine between "fun facts" and the "important facts".)
With the Common Core Standards, I find that compare and contrast also needs to be revisited in non-fiction and I guess that cause and effect also would be a part of that as well.
I tried to show students that the "good thinking" we did with fiction could also apply to non-fiction. Since first graders are new to "thinking about their thinking", it was a stretch. It just seems that those "critical thinking" skills need to span multiple genres. We'll introduce them where we hope students will successfully use them and then re-visit them again...and again.
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