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Clip to ScrapBook #2

Note Pad and Letter On the Desk

I can't force a student to follow directions. I carry a small notepad in my pocket. When the student refuses or starts backtalk I calmly and slowly take it out, flip to a blank page and start to write. I make sure I stop and look at the student as I write. I say nothing. I look at the clock and note time. I look at students sitting around target and write names. I want target to think I'm writing a police report. Often I just doodle. I slowly put pad back in my pocket while maintaining eye contact. I say nothing. Then I walk away. Often students will want to know what I'm writing. I tell them, "I'm writing down what I think should happen to you for not following directions." Then I add, " I'm still thinking about it and will let you know. Hopefully, you will solve the problem so I won't have to do anything." If the target still does not comply fully I stop them as they are leaving the room. In private I show them a form letter on school stationary which I have filled in (I keep copies at my desk):

Dear _______ (Parent Name)

Today, ______ (date) I had a problem with _______ (student's name). The problem is _________________________ (be specific and list only one). I will be calling you in the next couple of days to set up a parent-teacher conference. I know working together we can help ___________ (student's name again) solve this problem.



type name

I read the letter to the student, fold it and put it in a school envelope which I have addressed (parent name(s) only). Then I tell the student, "Tomorrow when you enter the classroom this letter will be sitting on my desk so you can see it. If there are no more problems like the one discussed in this letter, you may at the end of class and in front of me, tear up the letter and throw it away. However if there is any problem like discussed in the letter it will be delivered to your parents even if I have to hand deliver it."
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