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Old 04-18-2019, 06:03 AM
Clip to ScrapBook #3

*because it's this late in the game*

The Cheetos Girl, if she shut up, but the Cheetos away in her back pack it's #winning. The goal was getting the snack put away.

About Chatty Charlie. You are engaged with him, and this kid loves the attention. How much power to grind the class to a total halt? What ratty tween wouldn't love that? I got to "make an adult look stupid". Is there anything better than that?

If I'm running out of facks to give, and not coming long as he isn't screaming/strangling/running on top of the desks...knock his grade down for not following instructions and his little chatty buddies too. Or whatever your participation part factors into the final grade.

If it's the whispery chatter nonsense, and everyone can more or less hear you, ignore this clown and his buddies. I would not give him instructions or explain anything. He asks, walk away. I wouldn't say anything more than ask someone else.

The only time I repeated information in a dead pan delivery is with ODD kids.

You can do the X
You can sit quietly at your desk
You can go to recharge island

That's a different deal than what you're describing.

Repeating instructions when the class has come off the rails doesn't do much except hoarse and frustrated. You cut your losses at this end of the game.
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