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Old 04-21-2019, 10:50 AM
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I think it would be helpful to you to ask yourself what is most important-

a. That the student puts the snack away since it shouldn't be out
b. That the student does exactly what you tell them to do exactly when you tell them to do it

I think if the goal is goal#a then her response was fine in that it meets the needs for both parties (your need for the snack to be away and her need to have access to it when she is able to eat it)

If your hope is goal#b then I think it might be most helpful at this point in the year to reevaluate why you are going to goal # b.

Goal B is often going to be a struggle and it might take a timely interventions to work on the skills related to it. It s a good beginning of the year goal since it can take a long time to accomplish as it is linked to several skills that would need to be taught such as: flexibility of thinking, the ability to shift from one plan to another quickly, The ability to suppress/inhibit actions and consider their possible outcomes, The ability to use time effectively.

Goal A is more manageable and reasonable to implement at this point in the school year.

If you feel compelled to have goal B, even when it is rather complicated and late in the game to do so, perhaps ask yourself why. Then when you have that answer reevaluate if you really want to push forward with goal B today.

In the case of the student who is talking and wont move I would let it go in the moment because-you cant make anyone do anything. Then I would pull the kids aside later one-on-one and talk to him about it and give him a different seat assignment then. Older kids often will not do what you tell them to in front of their peers because they feel embarrassed and they would rather take any punishment you can give then to have to put their tail between their legs in front of their peer group. In the moment you wanted the talking to stop so if t were me I would have just told the student that you noticed a lot of talking today so you would find him later in the day to talk about it. That lets him know you are aware of the talking and plan to do something about it (hopefully that helps curb the talking in the moment) but it save the talk for later when he doesnt have to be Mr. tough guy in front of his friends.

Then that chair would be missing the next class period with that student.

But that's just my 2 cents-for what its worth.

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