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Clip to ScrapBook #6

Thanks for the advice.

I tried the note-taking thing (I already do that on my seating chart, but I also note daily participation grades so it's too common to be noticed). I used a half sheet of paper and calmly took notes of the six defiant students, and then use those to contact parents. It seemed to work fine today. At least it keeps the kids nervous while I stay calm.

Tragically, those students have had Ds an Fs in my art class all year, and if their parents cared at all, they would have done something already.

I've tried to enforce Goal B all year. It worked at first, but then students started to ignore me, because the PBIS consequences are too weak to be effective (do whatever you want, so long as you only get caught three times)

I'll have to stick with Goal A. But should accomplishing goal A require several minutes of the student bargaining and arguing to accomplish? A simple "put that away, please" is ignored by students.

I did have success with that student today, though. He showed interest in the 3D paper aircraft model (an Su-27 at 1:144 scale) and I took half a minute to explain how the parts are drawn and then cut out, folded and glued. He was given a simple model (only 4 parts) with the promise that I'd show him how to build that one when possible (the Su-27 takes me 45 minutes, so not a chance he could build that)

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