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encouraged to resign
Old 04-05-2008, 06:26 AM
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I have just been encouraged by administration to resign, since the superintendent has decided not to nominate me for renewal. This seemed to come out of nowhere, or at least only within the last few weeks. I had a teaching observation from the spec ed director back in January that I didn't see the writeup for until March. Needless to say, it wasn't great. But then, I had the same person observe me again in March and _that_ writeup _was_ great. _Then_, the building principal observed me and gave me another lousyish writeup. These 3 writeups all came within the same few weeks. How would I have had time to implement all the recommendations by April 4?

This was my second year in this school district. To my knowledge, last year administration was very pleased with my performance: all my observations were great. This year is a whole different story, suddenly. And it's not a budgetary thing, b/c when I asked, they said I'd be replaced. So it's obviously something about me.

I guess the worst thing is they won't tell me _why_ this is happening. I know they don't have to tell me b/c I'm not tenured, but it's very frustrating not knowing what I need to avoid doing in the future. I probed but they kept telling me not to torture myself trying to figure it out. They just kept saying "it wasn't a good fit" and "It doesn't make you a bad person." Worse, now that they're officially rid of me, they keep _graciously_ saying how "intelligent" I am, and how I have a long career ahead of me. What the hell?!! Sorry, but, (a) they're telling me things I already know, that apparently are of no help to me in my present assignment, (b) it is completely worthless information to me. They're giving me the standard responses they tell people when they don't want to disclose the real reasons.

My gut feeling is there is a hidden agenda. If I was just purely a bad teacher, wouldn't it be unethical of them to offer to sell me off so well to some other district? _They_ don't want me anymore, why should anyone else?

What I want to know is, what do some of those hidden agendas look like? When it looks on the surface as if it is _not_ budgetary? Might I have been too honest this year about my concerns and frustrations? Might I have stood up to administration a few times too many when they humiliated me at parent meetings?

I know. You're thinking I'm better off somewhere else. Maybe so. But it doesn't make me feel any better today, in April, with no job in September.
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