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I'm also teaching summer school K for kids entering first grade - starting next week!

Not sure how helpful this will be since our focus in summer school is literacy (no math or other core subjects), but here's the schedule I'm planning on:

8:45-9:00: Welcome (put things away, meet on the rug, do quick calendar, look over our day)

9:00-9:45: Centers (I'm doing it Daily 5 style - I'll meet with each small group for 15 minutes and the other students will be at word work, work on writing, read to self, or partner reading. In the mornings I'll have an EA so she can help with monitoring the others while I focus on my groups)

9:45-10:15: Special Project (this will vary, but this when we'll do writing projects, art projects, or maybe go outside and write sight words with chalk!)

10:15-10:30: Recess

10:30-10:45: Read aloud and snack

10:45-11:15: PALS (it's a reading skills program)

11:15-11:35: Some days I'll let them have choice time (thinking Tuesdays and Thursdays), and other days we may use this time to finish projects or do an extra read aloud or have more reading time.

11:35-11:45: Pack up and dismissal!

My district's summer school program is only for qualifying Title I/LAP students, so I have the lowest K's from all schools in the district (only 3 elementaries). For this reason, I'm doing centers because I need to be able to have time with them in small groups to focus on skills). I'm also doing PALS to give extra intensive literacy skills practice. As you can see, the day goes very quick Once a week my kids will also go to the public library for story time and book check out - this takes away from teaching time but I feel library visits will be very valuable.

Good luck!! Feel free to PM me if you ever want to talk about kindergarten summer school
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