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We have been open full time in person; teachers started in early August and students started full time September 1 (they came part time the week before that). I don't think it's reasonable to expect there will be no cases whatsoever in schools. We have an online option for families who weren't comfortable coming back. After the first case, several families then wanted to switch to the online option. Really, what were they expecting? The virus doesn't stop at school doors. If it's in the community, it's going to end up at school.

We've had very few actual confirmed cases. One middle school student, one HS teacher, and two elementary siblings. However, the quarantines and rules around that have been quite a lot to deal with. In one case, a grade level at my school was quarantined for a "presumptive positive." Turns out, it was a kid who had a persistent cough for several days, but family refused to do testing. They finally did the test and it turned out negative, so they brought that grade level back early.

Then we had another case where one class was quarantined because a family member was confirmed positive, even though they'd originally said we wouldn't quarantine for that. Still can't figure that one out- maybe the child said they had symptoms too? They (tri country health, state health people, not the district) change the rules constantly which causes chaos.

I will say, my district requires masks at all times for students of all ages, and that includes students with disabilities as well. Parents who claim their child can't/won't wear a mask are told they need to do the online option. Some districts in other parts of the state have said masks are optional or in some cases optional for younger students. Those districts haven't fared well. I hate wearing my mask and wish that things were different, but unfortunately it seems to be the best protection we have right now.
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