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How do I track students progress that I'm tutoring for the father?
Old 01-13-2012, 03:11 AM
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I had the child in 2nd grade and she is in 3rd. Lovely child who is just below grade level and has stayed there. She struggles across the board, especially in comprehension. I have my degree in literacy and special edu so even though I am in the classroom I am qualified. Dad took her to a learning center (Sylvan maybe?) and was unhappy. However, I can tell he liked the fancy print out they get charting test results. WIth the teacher cuts going on I can't give up this money. I made it clear that I can't promise speedy and great progress to any parent and I won't continue to take him money or ask his kid's time if I don't see progress with what I am doing. He wants 4 hours a week. I explained this was excessive because part of the time at the learning centers the child works alone and she wouldn't be working alone with me. Dad is a doctor so I think he compares to his line of work but the two are so different.
1. He asked me how we can track progress. I am not using a basal with her and don't have access to online testing like the learning centers do. I also believe in authentic work. Aside from graphing her reading levels on a chart can you think of any other ways I can show progress to make dad happy?
2. Does this seem like too much work to you? Again, it's good money. I can always drop it. The beauty of tutoring is no committment.
3. He wants me 2 hours on Saturday. How the heck to I fill 2 hours!? Poor kid..

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