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Standard based report cards, etc
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Clip to ScrapBook #2

Our district started with them 3 years ago. They started slow - with just kindergarten and first, and have moved up to 5th grade this year. I used to be like you, and collaborate on grades. Now it is the gen ed's job. I do the IEP report cards. Yes, the children do get all ones and twos. That is how they compare to their peers. I think it is easier to look at than seeing D's and F's, and it does give a true picture of their skill level.

Communication with gen. ed teachers is something that needs to be constantly tweaked. I find that the teachers let me know what they are doing in math, skills and pacing, and usually want help in supporting their daily assignments. It is a struggle to try and get in time to work on skill deficits.
Reading and writing are completely opposite. They do their small group thing, and I do mine. I know what the skills maybe for the quarter, from the district pacing guide.
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