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Joined: Jul 2012
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Clip to ScrapBook #2

I use google calendar for meetings/appointments. We use it as a staff anyway, so it's easiest to just add my personal things on there. I like that I can have different colors for different things. For example, all of my IEP meetings are purple, all of my duties are green, etc.

I used to use a paper lesson book planner and liked being able to have my plans next to me as I taught. However, it drove me crazy when plans changed (which they often do) and then my planner was "ruined" for that week- very annoying to have to go back and white out stuff/write over it. I also found the boxes weren't big enough for what I needed to write most of the time.

A couple of years ago I switched to There is a small yearly fee, but not more than what you'd pay to buy a paper planner. I love having my plans online. I can access them from anywhere, it's very easy to make changes without ruining the lay out, I can type as much as I want and the box just expands, and copy/paste as well as the ease/speed of typing vs. hand writing make planning much faster. This year I switched to because it's totally free for individual teachers. I liked the set up a tiny bit better, but not enough to pay for it when there is a free option out there. As far as having my plans next to me, now I just print out that days' plans each morning so I have a paper copy handy.
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