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Hi, I see this post is months old and don't know if you're still here reading. I hope you are now finished and everything worked out?

I read Haley23's response, and want to second everything she said. It's about finding the right fit.

I had the same problem. I'm also even keeled, and my student teaching university supervisor was a loud, controlling, frantic type. Her style was the opposite of how I am naturally, and she perceived my calm, quiet, but structured demeanor as a weakness. The good is, like Haley23, I've found a school where my supposed weaknesses are seen as positives.

My advice is to not let them tear you down. I don't understand why some people think telling someone they don't have confidence is okay. It's actually abusive, because it brings into question their sense of competence and does nothing to build the person up. I hope it all worked out and you've found a positive, better fit.

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