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Joined: Nov 2013
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Invisible me
Old 09-14-2019, 03:21 PM
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I'm not really sure if this is going to be a long or short vent. I went shopping today. Surprise, surprise and suddenly I see one of my no longer co-worker shopping as well. I get all happy and ready to say hi and all I get is the cold shoulder. I kid you not, this person was one to two feet away from me and purposely looked away every single time I tried to make eye contact. I was INVISIBLE. It was a very unsettling feeling/moment for me. I am feeling all sorts of emotions right now. I angry, sad, bewildered and so on. I feel angry that this person didn't have the backbone to tell me in my face what offended them about my presence especially since when I was at the school it was all smiles and there was never a problem. I'm absolutely positively sure that I haven't done anything to this individual. What do they have against me and why don't they man up and tell me on my face. As far as I know I left the school on a positive note.
Also, I am not the talkative type, I was just going to be courteous, say hi and quickly move on. How did I offended this individual, when? I am really upset at their deceptive smiles when I was at the school. I feel used and discarded.

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