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Flat Gingerbread Participants Wanted! :)
Old 12-21-2012, 08:40 PM
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Last year, I completed a flat gingerbread project with my students. (I do my gingerbread unit in January.). We decorated paper gingerbread men to represent our state. (Example: I'm from Ohio so we gave him buckeye buttons, an Ohio State symbol, and drew a red cardinal and ladybug on him to represent our state bird and insect.) We then sent a gingerbread man with a class letter we wrote that gives information about our state to all participants. We sent it to classes across the country and they in turn sent a gingerbread man with a letter about their state. It was so fun and my kids learned so much about other states and parts of our country!

Is anyone interested in doing this with me during the month of January? You would need to make a commitment that your gingerbread are mailed out to participating classes no later than Friday, January 18th, giving us about two weeks after Christmas break to make the gingerbread men. If you are interested, please email me at secondgradesugarandspice @ gmail .com with your state and school address. Unfortunately, I can only take the first person for each state that replies to make sure only one gingerbread man goes out to each state. (Kind of like "First come first serve" .
**So far, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Arizona have been taken.**

Next week, I will send everyone a master list of addresses to send our gingerbread men out to and a gingerbread man template to use with your kiddos.

Thanks so much for reading this and I hope we can find some classrooms to do this with! Its a great opportunity for geography lessons and we also used it to discuss different climates/habitats.

*Replying to sign-up to participate will close on Saturday, December 29th so that I can prepare the master list for everyone to have enough time to prepare/plan for how many gingerbread men we will need our kiddos to make. Email me at secondgradesugarandspice@gmail. com

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