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We don't have "dyslexia services" but I assume you mean reading intervention or reading sped services. We have an intervention block that everyone participates in. Interventionists, classroom teachers, me as the sped teacher, and a librarian are all seeing small groups at a set time for each grade level.

For me as the adult, it made my life much easier because my kids aren't missing anything in gen ed and they are always ready to go (vs. killing at least 5 minutes picking up from multiple rooms and dealing with teachers who make them put away 19 supply items before they can leave, etc. etc.) However, my major concern has always been that then there is absolutely no difference between having an IEP or not having one, if the "specialized services" are provided during an intervention block that every single student already gets. We say that doesn't work and that's why they qualify for the IEP in the first place, and then we proceed to give them the exact same intervention we just said didn't work.

I do manage to squeeze in a few extra groups in my schedule beyond the intervention blocks (not many, because I also have to teach math) for the neediest kids. We're not allowed to pull from specials, lunch/recess, or whole group Math/ELA instruction. Every classroom teacher wants services during Science/SS, but that's the last 30 minutes of the day for almost every grade level. I have 4 grade levels so they obviously all can't have the same time! Besides that time I try for small group time in the classroom or something like the second half of writing. Due to all of the other things I have to work around in the schedule and there being multiple grade levels, there just often is only one time that really does work.

I'm also fortunate that at least our admin makes grade levels follow the same general instructional schedule. Previous P let classroom teachers schedule their own rooms however they wanted, which was an absolute nightmare for specialists because different rooms in the same grade level would be doing different subjects at the same time.
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