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How to build a relationship with students without enabling?
Old 09-08-2019, 03:39 PM
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I've been teaching 1st grade for a couple of years. Last year I had some students with emotional and behavior issues that stemmed from tough home lives, and everything I read and the advice I got from other teachers was to focus on building a healthy, trusting teacher-student relationship with them. I attempted this with good intention, but midway through the year I felt like it backfired and it seemed like I was enabling their behaviors more than anything else. This year, I have another student with a difficult home life who is often withdrawn and sits in the corner refusing to participate. Not wanting to repeat last year, I have been more firm with him. It is effective only sometimes, and I can tell he's skeptical of me being just another adult in his life who will blow him off. Again, some other staff have suggested that he is a student with whom forming a relationship is very important. How do I balance the two so that I'm neither the uncaring teacher who only demands compliance nor the warm and fuzzy teacher that students lack respect for? I want my students to feel safe and cared for, but also want to motivate them to participate.

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