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Clip to ScrapBook #7

in proposing that Wisconsin state workers, including teachers, pay 12.6% of their health care, 5.8% of their retirement which is based on take-home pay, and lose all collective bargaining rights.
That union leaders have already agreed to all of the above, EXCEPT the loss of collective bargaining. Walker won't even talk to them. Obviously this has nothing to do with money and everything to do with union busting.

Another important detail: Despite Walker's continued claims that the state is "broke," their budget office continues to predict a surplus this year. I forget the figure but I think it's in the range of $120 million. Other sources say no, there's a deficit, but the ONLY reason there's a deficit is that in the month and a half since he took office, Walker gave the exact amount of the surplus away in tax cuts to big business. He deliberately forced a budget deficit in order to give himself an excuse to destroy unions, in other words.
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