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Stupid Recess vent
Old 08-29-2011, 12:34 PM
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Maybe this should be on the vent board, but no one understands K problems like other K teachers.
For the first year ever, my new P scheduled our recess time. We are two sessions of half day K, we have our own K playground, so we always went out when it made sense for us. I knew she might want to schedule it and I was ready for that change, but it is just stupid. Three things I don't like:
1. Recess is the last 20 minutes of the day. The point of recess is to give kids a break. I always did it right in the middle of the day between writers workshop and guided reading. Our brains were fried from writing, so we went to recess and came back fresh for guided reading and centers.
2. This is the one time of day I don't have my assistant. We have no planning periods or breaks and now I can't even have her take them out. This will be especially problematic because I use this time sometimes to pull kids for individual assessments.
3. I have resource Tuesday and Wednesday for the last half hour of the day, so my kids don't get recess 2 days a week. I asked if I could go out another time and was told no. I am the only teacher with resources at the end of the day, so my class is the only class that misses out.
I am sure that I will get over it, but right now it really makes me grumpy.

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