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Last year was my first
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Clip to ScrapBook #4

*First - get to know your collection, the students and staff.
*Keep notes! Note what works, what needs tweaking, and what dosn't work.
*keep a list of ideas.
*Keep book lists! You have a wide range of ages. Follett lets you create and save book lists.
*Get to know Junior Library Guild, subscribe to them.
*Keep the first few lessons very simple, set up routines with the younger kids, and older if necessary, and review.
*Read, read, read so you can push books!
*Get to know the staff.
*If you're a Common Core state, pull out the research strands, match up with books and other materials, set up a display promoting the library and all it's services.
*Don't make any major changes right away!

Most of all, have fun! It's the best job in the school

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