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Unfortunately, telling the guest not to come back is not that easy, but precautions will need to be taken from here on out. She is family and due to extended family situations she needed to be here to help out. Our sofa was the only spot for her because other family was in the extra room. Needless to say, we have a lot going on and family had to pull together, which was nice, except for this! I do not think she knew about the bugs. She just moved from an apartment into a house with a friend, but she would absolutely make a "nest" around the sofa when she came. DH said from here on out she strips at the door and her belongings do not come in!

As far as the rest, what a mess! During yesterday's inspection, 2 bugs were found in our room and 1 casing in DD's room. I am hoping we caught it in enough time before it got too far out of hand. We can put a mattress casing on DD bed, but the guy said they did not make them for our bed due to the type of bed we have. I am going to do some digging and see if I can find one some where though.

They are wanting to do the heat treatment to the house. From what I have read, that is the best thing to do. However, for $4000 bucks, they only want to give a 60 day warranty. He said they have been on the sofa for a couple of months and we are just now noticing them. Granted, we really do not use the sofa that much for us to have known earlier, but it scares me to drop that much money for it not to get rid of them and then have to pay it again. That much money, I need a better warranty!

We have 2 more company's coming out today. I am going to see what they say. They said to leave the sofa a lone for right now, but after they leave today, the sofa will be out of the house and in the fire pit. I did not sleep worth a flip last night! This wigs me out!!!!

Ugggh! Right here when I am supposed to start back to work! We really needed nothing else to deal with right now.
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