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Curious to know....
Old 11-23-2018, 07:05 AM
Clip to ScrapBook #1

How many districts have gone to scripted programs. We started this year with LearnZillion and SRA (try making 6th graders wait for "what sound? What word?").

It takes me hours to prepare a lesson using their script because it's very detailed and new material for me. It's worksheet dependent and my kids can do very little of it independently so I instruct almost the entire 90 mns of each block (I have 3). The texts are not high interest at all so I'm having management issues. I've begged to attend trainings over it but haven't been sent to available ones. Just kinda depressed this year that I can no longer put any kind of personal flair into what I do everyday if it's not in their plans.

My team meet twice a week for meetings during planning (looking back and looking forward) though I'm not sure why since they want all of us to be at the same place in the curriculum (right). I'm sorry but I need my 45 minutes of peace a day to keep caught up and organized/call parents if needed.

Everyone seems to be loving it except myself and a few other outspoken veterans. Is this a thing at other schools too?

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