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WE went to scripted reading and math
Old 11-23-2018, 11:40 AM
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programs many yrs ago. In order to get a job in the district, you had to state w/ passion the party line of fidelity to the program. I dislike the word "fidelity with a
I worked in the district already and it was very hard to learn and implement. It was time consuming too.
They did the same as your school..They made it sound like any person off the street could teach using the programs.
All I can tell you is this: Be patient, try to learn the basics anyway you can. ( I learned a lot by reading because it was the only way at 1st to learn.) Teach your kids the buzz words and routines that go along with it. It makes you look cooperative. ( Once they've bought the program, you couldn't change it here unless everyone joined together and screamed. (Did not happen...)
The district has wasted an unreal amount of $ to pay consultants who come once in a blue moon. You can ask them a lot of things if you do it with a voice of curiosity, but not disdain...
I learned to carry the script w/ me opened. Inside, I seriously often had a paper with my own stuff in case I had to pretend to read their script. I seriously did it once when the consultant was there and she never noticed what I was doing! ( Not sure if I'd advise this because it took a lot of work...)
Their script was boring and the vocab was not on the right level for many of my kids. Plus, the pace was totally off for our population.
The good and bad news: Our district lost $$$. ( It used to be well off.) They could not buy a new program is my guess. We are not expected to follow it to a tea anymore. We still have to use the books and manipulates, but have more freedom in what we do.
I have not had to carry around a script book with me for yrs. I learned a few new things that I liked from the program and still use those things. The rest, I am glad we do not have to do. The bad news: It probably took 8 yrs before we stopped hearing the word "fidelity to the program." It reminded me of brainwashing. Plus, some admin are slow to catch on that it is not working. (Especially if teachers are told to leave if they won't do it w/ fidelity. That is the F word to me.)
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