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Thanks so much...
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Clip to ScrapBook #6

for the information! I dared to use a sheet I found on TPT (it was a workbook that corresponded to the Learnzillion unit since my district didn't buy those)....same info but different would have thought I'd arrived in the town square with a scarlet "A" on my dress!
I get the concept of trying new things if test scores aren't at the desired level BUT they didn't fully research it themselves or bother to properly train us before throwing it into our laps and then glaring if they don't see some magic happening.

I'm pretty ready to leave at this point when the daily stress from curriculum is added to the stress of admin collecting surveys on me from the kids (still haven't heard anything from that). I'm becoming a bitter boring teacher and I know I'm not being the best mom to my daughter at this point. I can't move too far district wise because there's the ex-husband thing and getting my daughter to/from whatever school. It's either continue to deal with this nonsense, hope a position opens up in another district near me, or quit and work at Old Navy
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