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Drury Inn and Suites
Old 06-26-2022, 09:29 AM

I've returned from San Antonio where I spent four days with my brother. Such a historical city that I didn't know anything about! It was hot, but bearable. My brother is disabled, 350 pounds, and has lymphoedema in his legs and he did not even complain once. He is such a trooper!

But I'm coming here to tell you about the awesome hotel chain I learned of while I was there.

Drury Inn and Suites is amazing! They have so many reasons to stay there!
1. Free breakfast and I mean real breakfast. Sausage, eggs, biscuits and gravy, waffles, bagels, toast, cereal, etc.
2. From 5:30-7 they have what they call a kickback. I call it a happy hour. You each get 3 real alcohol drinks or all the pop, coffee, or tea you want. I discovered Cherry Stone Sours there! Then they have a small buffet! Seriously dinner! One night we had baked potatoes, mixed veggies, pulled pork on sliders, salad, soup, hot dogs, or nachos. The next night everything except replace pulled pork sliders with chicken alfredo. And everything was delicious except the nachos. How awesome is it that they are providing you with breakfast and dinner basically!
#3- For San Antonio the hotel is directly on the riverwalk. You take the elevator to riverwalk level and walk right out onto the riverwalk. How exciting to be right there!
#4- Customer service. Every single employee tried to help us in some way. I'm pretty sure they are instructed to ask you if you need anything or if they can help you with anything. I felt like a celebrity or royalty being waited on.

I have told them and will write a nice review on travelocity, but I wanted to tell you all too.

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