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Oobleck and others
Old 02-02-2009, 04:29 PM
Clip to ScrapBook #5

In my class we have theme days for each day....

Monday: Crazy Hat day and we read the books: 500 hats of Bartholemew Cummins and/or Cat on the Hat

Tuesday: Crazy Socks Day: Book: Fox in Socks

Wednesday: PJ Day, Book: The Sleep Book, I'm not going to get up today

Thursday: School Colors Day: Book: Hooray for Diffendoofer Day
We write thank you cards to all the people that make our school so special and deliver them. (We make a big list and pull a name/few names out of a Cat in the Hat hat so nobody gets the same person)

Friday: When I grow Up Day: Book: Oh The Places you will go
We write about all the awesome things we will do when we grow up. Also fun could be a book about what it was like/will be like when we are different ages (When I was 0/3/6/10/25/50/100 I could/will do/will look like). The pictures will be awesome.

When read Bartholemew and the Ooblack we make our own OObleck,which is always a hit with the kids. It can be a bit messy. It is the Cornstarch and water mixture that everyone has a different name for. we add green because that is the color of Oobleck.

We have a giant Cat in the Hat on our door, but he is msing his Hat. For each book (or 20 minutes) read by students, a stripe is added.

We make a giant river with blank land all around it. We split the land into sections and groups draw whatever they want on the land. Te last spot of land down river s the farm where the food for all others comes from. Then we read the Lorax. After, we look at the things we drew on our land and look at all the pollution that the things create and added it to the river. It all makes its way to the farm which uses the river as the ater source forhe farm food. Early conservation lessons...

Paper plate turtles that can be stacked for Yertle the turtle.

Discussion about inclusion after reading Sneetches.

Oh my favorite book... Horton Hatches the egg. After reading, students create their own mixed up animal. I don't let them use elephant-bird. Alternative: Students could pick one animal on their own and another out of a hat. They have a ball drawing pictures of these! You could even work in life cycles by having them create the animals life cycle.

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