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Alleluia banners
Old 02-11-2009, 09:42 PM
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In the past I have had whole classes create Alleluia banners and then we put them away for Lent. This year each child gets to color in the word and have their own mini banner.
I have a simple alter area in my room. It has a purple cloth, some stones and a candle holder.
I teach K and I read the story of Benjamin's box before Easter. You can get it at Christian book stores. It tells the story of Jesus' death using plastic easter eggs and tiny figures that go with the story. I give each child an egg at the beginning of the story. As we read the story I tell them when to open their egg. They lay them out in the middle of the circle. When we are done with the story, they tell me what each figure was for as we put them back into the egg.
I also send home the resurrection cookie story. You can find it online. Basically you are making meringue cookies, but adding nuts, you get to beat the nuts like the soldiers beat Jesus. There is a bible verse for each ingredient. You tape the oven door shut at night, like sealing the tomb and in the morning you have cookies with holes in the middle.
I think that is right. It is from the top of my head right now.
I also have a bulletin board that has 40 paper stones making a path to the cross. I write a good deed on each one, and the students have a blank stone sheet they take home so each day they can write down a good deed they did for someone.
Thanks for making me think. I guess it is about time.
I am looking forward to seeing more ideas.
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