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Clip to ScrapBook #10

I recently attended a PD on CHAMPS. Loved it.

I will be implementing it in my classroom this year. For those who are unsure of what it is, C-conversation, H-help, A-activity, M- movement, P- participation, and S-success.

Basically, I have a poster for each activity (teacher directed, independent seat work, and group work)

For each activity, there are special requirements. Example, for independent work:
C- voice level 0-1
H - raise hand, ask teacher
A- Independent work
M- Stay in seats ask teacher to move
P - work on assignment, don't talk, focus.

Every time a lesson changes, I put a clip on the corresponding poster.

The PD informed me it works.. but it depends on you, the teacher. You have to be consistent, and you need to remind the students, especially in the beginning. She even told us that a classroom job can be for a student to change the clip, and that gets them very excited.

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