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Clip to ScrapBook #4

7 hr and 15 minutes is what we HAVE to work to get paid the same as we did before when we would get full day at 4 hrs and up.

1 hr was $36, now $12.50 (-$23.50 less)
2 hrs was $36 now $25 (- $11.00)
3 hrs was half day at $45 that would be $37.50 now (-$7.50)
4 hrs was $90, now $50 (- $40 OUCH)
5 hrs was $90, now 62.50 (- $27.50)
6 hrs $90, now $75 (- $15)
7 hrs is now $87.50

7 hrs and 45 minutes is what the secretaries are used to putting into Aesop, but we are there at least 8 hrs. At the 7.75 hr it would be $96.87, an increase, and 8 hrs would be $100 (a $10 increase). The board office is sitting there thinking they are clever and will save money on payroll, but wait until the teachers and secretaries can't get subs to fill in for half days. And last year a LOT of teachers did half days, because they were scared to take much time off with the cuts coming. I worked more half days last year than I did 5 years combined!

The only way to get paid what we were before is to only do full days now, and subs will figure that out pretty fast.

Yes, I would say if you aren't being paid for that time you can leave, but what can you get done, maybe some shopping? (you would have to factor travel time to get there and back)? Unless you lived close you couldn't really go home and get anything done. On the upside they couldn't get upset with you if you weren't doing anything during planning time if you weren't being paid (say you wanted to do a puzzle book).
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