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Old 08-19-2018, 01:14 PM

oh you mean rushing to get the stuff done that you should have done the last several weeks instead of the night before the first day of school?

yep, i feel your pain!

one way i relax on sundays is: my favorite show is on at 7:00 (Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead)....that helps me look forward to Sunday night instead of dread.

today i am:

*trying a new recipe (cuz why not the night before school starts?--i'm NOT a great cook..)
*separating book orders to get read for the 2nd week
*tackling 2 house projects (really???)
*stuffing Monday Folders
*looking at the week to "plan"--all teambuilders and assessments and routine practice, so nothing too taxing...
*planning my first week (or 2) of outfits
*set up my (new, never used, only tried someone else's twice) slackline and play with it if i'm planning on using it for teambuilding next week...

seeing as it's 3:00, i'd better get going! (quinoa is currently on stove so it's already prepped for tonight's dinner--never cooked quinoa before....)

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