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Tips on maintaining patience
Old 04-11-2019, 08:12 AM
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I’m in year 4 (including student teaching, which wasn’t great...felt like mentor needed a break and put a lot of responsibility on me very quickly) and I’m feeling some burn out. It feels like most of it comes from administrators who refuse to listen to any of us and think they know best about student needs, and curriculum that is way too hard for my students, but they are forced to do it. The two I mentioned go hand in hand.

My patience with severe behaviors is starting to wane. Some days are better than others. I teach resource, so it is very challenging to teach the students who want to learn, when a few of them are going wild. I still feel a lot of purpose and enjoyment from my career. Most of the behavior kids have a combo of extreme ADHD, mental health disorders and conduct issues. I know it comes with the territory but it is wearing me out.

What are your tips for staying patient in these moments?

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