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co teaching
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Steps to take before school starts with the teachers you will be working with:

1. Set it up where you both create the lesson plans together or baring that you get the lessons at least one week in advance so that you can make modifications and accommodations for the students.
2. Make sure the co-teacher has all of the goals, objectives and accommodations for the students in her class with examples so that the teacher will understand what the accommodation is.
3. Discuss with her/him what teaching in the classroom looks like. You may have to teach them what co-teaching is. Many general education teachers think it means sitting by a sped student keeping them on task. When a visitor comes to the room, the visitor should not be able to identify the sped teacher or the gen ed teacher.
4. Identify the students that are not sped but would benefit from having a sped teachers viewpoint help them.
5. Most Importantly - start how you mean to go on. You are not the paraprofessional who makes copies, runs errands, grades papers in the back of the room. From the first day of school the students should see you both tag teaming the whole class lessons and the individual reinforcement groups. The reinforcement groups should be fluid and based on the needs of all the students not just sped.
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