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Good point!
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We were instructed to make sure you see a parent with the child when they log on or itís considered being alone on a room with them. We have very strict child protection policy. You all probably do, too!

Be careful.
Thanks for sharing! I'm guessing because you are in a Catholic School, this has been brought up with Virtus requirements, diocesan requirements, etc. I was wondering this same thing, but our system hasn't said a word about live feeds, but I was definitely wondering. Our tech person is a Virtus trainer/teacher, so I may contact her or my principal and ask, but I don't want to overwhelm them either, as I am sure their e-mails are going crazy as it is.

I can totally see if it is the teacher and one student in a video chat, how that would be like being alone with a student. What about a teacher and multiple students? Isn't that like a classroom on most days? I suppose just as a precaution, I could have my aid, my teaching partner, principal, lit. coach, or special ed. teacher join the hangout, too, as a precaution, so there are 2 adults.

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