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The first thing you will need to know is the reading level of the students with whom you will be working. If you have that info, you will need to have leveled reading materials to meet the needs of these students.

During your reading time with these students, you should work with small groups of students who are reading at the same guided reading level. Your other students can be doing Daily 5 activities (reading to self, reading with a partner, listening to reading, doing word work, or responding to reading).

You can begin each session with a reading mini lesson on a phonics/comprehension skill. This skill can then be your focus when teaching your guided reading groups.

When reading to self, your students should be practicing the leveled materials you used with them or independent materials at their reading level...perhaps stored in a book box. The latter will mean you need a collection of independent reading materials that are not the same materials you use in the guided reading groups.

Depending on how many small groups you have within each grade level, you will probably want to work with each group about fifteen minutes. You may not see each group each day, but rather rotate them so you see them no less than four times per week.

Perhaps within the writing block you have later in the day, you can teach students how to respond to reading.

I don't know if you will be responsible for word work or if the classroom teacher will handle this.

It may be that your Daily 5 will turn into a Daily 3 (reading to self, listening to reading, and reading with a partner).
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