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Kahluablast, thanks for your reply! Having never started a group before, I wasn't sure where the best place would be to list it. I agree that groups may not get the same kind of interaction and in a way that may be OK. I was thinking that a broad K-12 audience would invite suggestions that may go beyond the grade levels that I have the most experience with. Since forum moderators expect the me (the host) to be an active participant, I thought it might be a good idea to narrow the field to those that share common challenges.

Ideally, it would seem most appropriate if the group could be listed under Teaching Specialties: Innovative Methods. My plan was to first see how much interest there is and then ask the moderators what they recommend and if they would be willing to establish a new listing.

As we all know, creative innovations are often grade-level specific. One developed by a first grade teacher may not be very useful to a fifth grade teacher and vice versa. Some groups are so general that people tend to go off on birdwalks. I thought the group would be best served by narrowing its focus, even if for only a small portion of forum members. This way, participating teachers would not have to waste their time reading irrelevant posts. The new group would showcase proven innovative methods suitable for the intermediate grades.

I personally don't like codes much. For example, I have no idea what ITM stands for and suspect that others may be not either. Bottom line: I'll have to be satisfied with what the moderators will decide/allow. What do you think of listing the group on the BusyBoard: Innovative Methods (gr. 3-5)?

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