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Very difficult parent
Old 11-18-2019, 05:32 PM
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I have a very difficult parent this year. She is known as being a nightmare for previous teachers. She claims to be a sped teacher. At our conference last week- she claimed that her son is learning disabled- she insisted on testing- but he was not identified as a result of testing at her request- too young. This mother wants things to be wrong and I swear- wants her kids to have a label. Her son is very young- he was not identified for an IEP. He is young, young, young- he could also show up as learning disabled in the future but he right now- he is also a very developmentally young boy in Kindergarten.
My problem- I think she does not like me as I draw the line with her- in a nice way. She is always looking for a fight. Today- she sent in "The Poop Book" with her son. He was sharing it with classmates before morning meeting and of course it riled up the kindergartners. I told him to put it in his backpack before circle time. I get an email tonight from his mother- her son was so disappointed and so sad he couldn't share- she wants me to account for what is going on- seems like I am damaging him emotionally. She's tried this several times. Right now- I am ignoring her message. If pushed- I am going to respond. Please make sure you check with me before sending in anything to share- we have a very important learning schedule. Also- please let me know what your child would like to share. Any thoughts?

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