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Teacher just gave me $100
Old 05-30-2019, 10:26 AM
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This one is under both the weird and the guilt file.

About a month ago I accepted an assignment that got cancelled.

I accepted the same assignment for today a few days ago.

It was with some reluctance that I kept this assignment, since I therefore could not accept a two day job at my closer and higher paying district.

I hated to cancel, even though I knew I now might not get a job now for tomorrow. I gave up a guaranteed $280 to avoid cancelling one $125 day.

When I arrived in the classroom this morning, the teacher was there.

She confirmed the job still existed. and I said I was relieved because last year when I walked into a class and the teacher said " May I help you", I lost $100 since the job was never cancelled in AESOP.

At about 10AM, the teacher returns and said her meeting was cancelled and she held out $100 for me to take. I told her this is not her fault and I could not accept it. She was friendly but insistent I take the money.

Even though this was an early release day where students get out at 1:30, they were going to give me only 40% pay. The office manager then acted like she was doing me a huge favor by bumping it to 50%

Most districts would just keep you at this point and pay 100%, and some schools in this district would find a way to keep you at 100%, but not this school.

Before I left, I was informed by the office manager and Principal that it appears a late sub was not showing up, and they said I might be able to take over a class and stay all day.

Before going to this class, I stopped by the original room to explain to the teacher that it appears I will be here all day after all, so I was ready to return her money. She still insisted I keep it.

Then the late sub arrived, so I went home after all, with 50% pay and $100 unearned dollars.

I do not feel right about this.

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