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I completely see what you are saying kinder. As a resource teacher I know what you mean. At the start of the year I had a student that spent over 900 minutes per week with me. I've had another one all year that spends less than 45 minutes per day in gen ed, but is still in my resource room. Then there are my 2 newest ones. Both spend all morning with me, from the time they check in for attendance until lunch, over 3 1/2 hours later. In the time they are there I have 3 other classes cycling in and out. Those poor babies get so little from me because all my attention goes to the few very needy ones.

I understand inclusion and I want all my kids included as much as is appropriate, but "appropriate" is the key word. My 4th graders reading on kindergarten and 1st grade levels that can't spell cvc words or identify vowel sounds don't belong in the gen ed setting most of the day. They need intensive help, more help than my resource room can give them.

What I'd give to pull small groups for 20-30 minutes daily and do targeted interventions to pull up those deficits!!! If I didn't have to worry about the non-verbal kids, the violent ones, and the ones that are basically self contained with me I could do SO much with the others. We need an appropriate place for those kids that don't fit the resource or full time self contained mold.

That being said, I love all my babies and I will continue bending over backwards to get them everything they need. I know part of the problem is funding. We need at least 2 more sped teacher in my building alone. All our schools are in the same boat and my district has 7 buildings! We would literally have to double our staff in order to meet the needs. Of course that won't happen and it's the kids that will suffer as a result.

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