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I'm ambivalent but lean towards the sense that it's a bad idea. I also recognize that there are situations (small schools/districts) where it can't be avoided. But I also see some red flags when a teacher "fights" to have her child in her class and one of my first considerations is that it's not being fair to the child. The child is supposed to be learning independence as well as academics.

Keeping the role of teacher and the role of parent separate is close to impossible.

I've had older students (middle school) tell me that they hate having their parents working in the same school (let alone classroom) because the parent often knows too much and gets involved in things the student would prefer to handle on his/her own.

I've seen staff treat students differently because their parents are colleagues working at the same school--in one case, Mom has made it very clear that she'd prefer no one "discipline" her son but her. Needless to say, her son is developing some issues and feeling increasingly privileged.

Imagine having a helicopter or lawnmower parent teaching in the next room.

Personally, I think the downsides are real and I'm not sure I see any upside or value to it, acknowledging that in some cases it can't be avoided.
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