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Joined: Jun 2007
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good advice here!
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congrats on your new job, first of all!!

The first thing I thought of was doing a FBA (functional behavior assessment) to analyze why he is doing the spitting....

I agree with Betsy.....they may not do this with you. I would have something set up, but don't do anything until/unless they start spitting this year. POSITIVE reinforcement and natural consequences (the cleaning up) are best....I've never had the pleasure of a spitter, but I've had kids mess their pants out of anger/frustration and I had one clean himself up while I calmly monitored. It was difficult not to show any emotion, but I did it and he stopped pretty quickly. We gave him lots of attention for the other great things he was doing...he was a pretty messed up little guy, so what he was doing was understandable.....

I know this isn't the same and I wasn't getting spit on, but they may just need some minimal positive reinforcement and redirection. I wish you much luck and I hope you'll come back and report how they are doing.
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