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Clip to ScrapBook #2

We are hybrid and it is miraculously split about equally into thirds. We only have 30% of our kids in at once.
Our highest number tops out at 10.

So, some teachers taped spots six feet apart across the front and back of their room. One minute to the bell, students all go to their dot. The teacher sprays everything down. Bell rings and the kids leave. After al kids leave, the next group comes in and goes to their dot. One minute after the bell they may go to their seats.
Our passing periods have been made one minute to get kids from spot to spot quickly and in one way halls.
The solution we must spray cannot be wiped. It must dry and does actually dry in three minutes. So that is how we do it between classes.

Many teachers left double their desks, then alternate desks used by class. This means kids can come in and go straight to their seats. The teacher can sprayed “used” desks and they’ll be more than dry fur the next class.

One way halls are a big help.
Short passing periods urge kids along pretty quickly.
Staggered dismissals also help.
With those three things, it should be noted that our passing period really just says it’s time to go to the next class...we aren’t counting tardies. It just takes time for kids to traverse the one way halls.
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