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I was just talking about this in another thread, but I also have a teammate who works insane hours. I'm the primary sped teacher and she's intermediate. She stays until 6, goes home and eats dinner with her kids and goes to sleep with them, and then sets her alarm for 1 AM so she can work through the night until it's time to get the kids up for school. This is in addition to working her entire weekend as well. I, on the other hand, mostly stick to contract hours.

She gets TONS of praise and accolades from other teachers and admin. Any time we've had any sort of special award/recognition, she's gotten it. Other teachers are constantly nominating her for these things, talking about what a wonderful addition to the staff she's been, etc. This year she took a couple of kids in one of my grade levels (because my caseload was more than double hers) and it's hurtful to hear those teachers constantly talk about how she "just always goes above and beyond" and how lucky they are to work with her.

Like you said about your teammate, I agree that she's a wonderful teacher and her students are lucky to have her. But I hate that everyone encourages this workaholic behavior. It's not healthy and should absolutely NOT be expected from anyone! When I'm feeling sad about comparisons, I remind myself I wouldn't trade my life for hers for the world. She's literally sacrificed her entire life to get all of those accolades.

She's actually leaving at the end of this year (so I'll get to hear over and over again about how terrible it is that the "best sped teacher ever" is leaving ) and even though we haven't hired anyone, I'm already feeling sorry for whoever takes her place. They'll never live up to the expectations the other teachers now have for that position and will constantly hearing things like, "But last year Mrs. sped teacher did ____."
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