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Clip to ScrapBook #13

You said that your partner is experienced, but you didn't say how long you have been teaching , so I was just curious.

Have you been through the process of your school assigning classes before?

I just ask because different schools have different ways they put students into classes.

We try to balance classes as much as we can, but sometimes there are certain situations that arise and classes are not balanced:

* We had started the year with 2 5th grade classes. They had a lot of move ins and both classes reached 30 kids. We hired a new teacher and split some kids. The classes are now, 20, 20, and 14. The new teacher only has 14 because we had to put her in a small space. This happened when I was in 5th grade as well (different school), we split my class and there were 12 of us that went to a new teacher.

* We have had to put most of the students with 504's and IEP's into one class before due to staffing issues and in class support. We did not have the staff numbers to be able to split btw. all the classes.

* We have a girl with Epidermolysis Bullosa. Her skin is very fragile. She has to be in a smaller class with less active students. If she is bumped into or even gets brushed up against, it could be extremely harmful and painful for her.

Also, we don't take "parent requests" but often we will try to work things in if we can or if we agree (separating some kids, teacher style, etc). I tend to get a lot of the eccentric kids because I work well with them.

I think it is normal to compare ourselves to others, but do your own thing. Focus on you and your class.
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