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Literacy Night
Old 05-28-2012, 07:17 PM
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I would choose a wide variety of reading selections and make it as hands on as possible.

Read and follow a recipe- make an take prepared food away.

Read and follow directions to make a craft- make and take a product away.

Munch on dry cereal while learning to read nutrition labels correctly.

Have a Harry Potter room. Read and follow directions to perform a magic trick.

Read an excerpt from a novel and watch part of the same movie. Compare and contrast book and film.

Have a poetry for two voices room. Have copies of poems and books by Mary Ann Hoberman; You Read To Me;I'll Read To You. Allow parent and child to read them together.

Read a scary story in a camp environment with tents set up. Use flash lights in a dimly lit room.

Have a Dr. Seuss room. Everyone enjoys his books.

Have books with experiments and supplies to perform a couple of different experiments.

Have a dog training book and a dog for kids to meet.

Listen to a picture book on

Learn to read a map and find answers to map questions that are specific to that map. Could have globes and atlas fun as well.

I would make the theme something about adventures. Books can take you on an adventure. Enjoy the fun!
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