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Old 11-17-2018, 02:50 AM
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A couple questions as a new first grade teacher...please help!

1. Fridays I administer their weekly reading test and it's only 10 questions with 3 multiple choice questions. I'm pulling my hair out administering this...some cant read a certain word, some are rushing ahead, some are not even looking at their test! Frustrating. How do you do it?

2. First grade boys-I have 4 boys who love to touch each other and play fight. The moment there is an unstructured moment of time they have their hands on each other. They seem to love the physicality of fighting??? Help!

3. Students who just announce out and shout out constantly. Some of them seem to just announce what's on their mind out loud whatever is on their mind or if they have a problem.
I would love a class where everyone just talked to each other nicely and problem solved. Instead right now there are some students who the moment they are within 2 feet of each other they are tattling loudly.

4. The line! I've done everything to get my line to be quiet and they are capable at times but in general I haven't been able to find the magic formula. Can anyone please share what really will work? It seems like anything cute I use doesn't work such as pretending to play the quiet game or anything like that.


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