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I have a student whose parents would like her to be retained. Im a 2nd year teacher and I dont have any experience with this.

Academically shes a little below average. Shes reading at grade level, her math computation is fine but she struggles with word problems. She struggles with writing. She regularly forgets to use capitalization and punctuation.

Her major issue is immaturity and lack of focus. I have to mother hen hen her much more than the others or she wont get going with her work.

Im not sure if the lack of focus is ADHD. Her parents are having her tested, but it could also be immaturity?

I think she could benefit academically and socially with another year. Shes not very confident but gets along fine with the other students. She was homeschooled for first grade and could use more time to fill in gaps.

My concern is that she could stand out because shes not small for her age or anything. Shes a May birthday, so not late summer, but the kids may not notice because shell turn a different age at the end of the school year.

The principal and counselor dont think the needs to be retained. If the parents insist I think theyll go along with it. The counselor had her parents fill out a retention questionnaire and she actually scored as a good candidate, which surprised the counselor.

Can anyone provide any guidance or share experience with retention?

Thank you?

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